Jambore Nasional Honda Classic Indonesia atau JamNas HCI tahun 2014 di gelar di pekalongan, jawa tengah, pada tanggal 29-30 november. Event yang megah dan acara yang menarik membuat para pecinta honda classic Indonesia (HCI) khusunya c50, c70 dan c90 larut dalam pagelaran tahunan ini. Walaupun Continue reading

Bobber motorcycle custom

The bobber was the earliest simple and stripped down variety of custom motorcycle. They are hand-built by individuals with mechanical skills, and were often part of the early biker clubs before there were any such thing as choppers. This style of custom motorcycle, which took shape in the 1940s and 50s, is generally thought to have been started by returning WWII American servicemen working on ex-military motorcycles. They were inspired by lighter European motorcycles they had seen and ridden. Continue reading